Defending the family

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Eugene Delgaudio was drafted in 1981 to run a small non-profit political action group with the express mission to "take on hypocrisy and corruption in Washington ignored by the major media". For 30 years with Delgaudio at the helm, now as president, Public Advocate has taken on a long list of liberals in a major and minor states, most public forums and mediums (both major party conventions, rallies, radio, news show and the internet, etc.) . He's defended Ronald Reagan and traditional values from the beginning. In return the liberals and the so-called Homosexual Lobby rain constant and daily verbal and print assaults on Public Advocate and its top spokesman.

Never predictable, always on target, Public Advocate uses legal briefs, Congressional testimony, direct political action, grass-roots lobbying, post cards, mass leafleting, robo calling millions, high speed internet, many other low budget tactics and petition drives to marshall forces. Along with news conferences and quick response team that can unintentionally stall a Presidential motorcade or accidentally drown out a Presidential news conference with a genuine citizens uprising, Public Advocate has been routinely shadowed by liberal groups formed solely to fight Public Advocate.

Public Advocate has engineered over 100 political actions driving liberals to silence or embarassing retreat. Even when losing a major battle, (legislative, balloting or Senate confirmation), Public Advocate has ridden to counter attack.

After Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich, Public Advocate is the group most Washington insiders hate the most. And its the group that most traditional conservatives who are in the battle for traditional values call on when all is lost or getting worse.