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2 Headlines: Jen Keeton On Religious Cleansing And Saving Keeton is Number One News Story of 2010 in Georgia

Video Posted: Augusta State University: Mandatory Religious Cleansing 101

When Even Thinking Christian Thoughts Is "Wrong"...
There's a new class you have to ace if you want to graduate with a masters degree from the counseling program at Augusta State University: Religious Cleansing 101.
That particular academic requirement came as news to 24-year-old Jennifer Keeton, who only found out about it after university officials threatened to expel her - for being a Christian who follows Scripture.
When it came out, in quiet classroom discussions and private conversations with fellow students, that Jennifer holds to the biblical conviction that homosexual behavior is wrong, administrators informed her that thinking that way was "unethical" and "incompatible" with what counselors are supposed to think (at least, counselors who graduate from Augusta State).
But those same administrators were ready with a re-education plan, designed to help wrong-thinkers like Jennifer get back on the right track. The plan includes mandatory "diversity sensitivity training," attending a parade promoting homosexual behavior, remedial reading, more interaction with students acting out their homosexual impulses, and the writing of enough papers to prove she has voluntarily changed the deepest convictions of her soul.

Public Advocate has delivered 15,000 signed petitions to the Governor and members of the Georgia House of Repreentatives

Public Advocate has also presented petitions to 100 members of Congress asking for the complete defunding of Augusta State Unversity of all federal funds.

See more on this and the Jennifer Keeton Report on Video

Legislators; JEN KEETON TOP STORIES IN GEORGIA FOR 2010's 3 of top 10 stories received many clicks

"the NO. 1 story of 2010: with 21,252 page views was "Christian student sues ASU." this July 22 story was the first about Jennifer Keeton, the ASU student who took the school to court." on the Augusta Chronicle newspaper website.

And the number 6 and number 9 stories were also on the topic of Jenniefer Keeton when she filed an appeal and when she responded to the KKK hosting a rally on her "behalf".

Public Advocate feels that if 3 of the top ten stories in Georgia revolve around the plight of a campus administration trying to destroy a Christian's college and academic career it behooves the Governor and legislators to intervene to eliminate all taxpayer support for the institution or to otherwise sanction the university.