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PRO-GAY "Weakly" Standard: Bill Kristol: Don't fret don't whine" over DADT repeal

PRO-GAY "Weakly" Standard: Bill Kristol: Don't fret, don't whine over DADT repeal

So here come the pro-gay rights cheerleaders who parade as "conservatives" while promoting the gigantic expansion of government as "big government conservatives."

Now their top leader says "the military can take perversion forced on them".

William Kristol writing in The Weekly Standard: "As Fiano writes, it's a 'massive insult to our military' to assume that soldiers can't handle the challenge of integrating openly gay troops. True, this is a burden they might have been spared while fighting two wars. But they'll deal with it."

Public Advocate trusts that newly elected Congressmen and women will ignore Kristol's savvy bootlicking of the homosexual lobby's lame duck disaster.

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