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Christmas Eve Wrestling Match On Gays By CPAC Board-- Morton Blackwell Takes A Stand for the American Family

Christmas Eve Wrestling Match On Gays By CPAC Board

Morton Blackwell Is Hero For America's Families

American Conservative Union Board Voted Twice on Giving Homosexual Group Planning Role in CPAC: First Vote Was Tie, Chairman Won't Reveal Second Tally

From CNS:

The board of the American Conservative Union-an organization known for monitoring the votes of members of Congress and then scoring those votes according to how they accord with the organization's views of conservatism- held two votes of its own, via email, on whether to give GOProud, a homosexual Republican group, a planning role in the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference.

Members of the board were told that the first email vote was a 14-14 tie, according to board member Morton Blackwell, president of the Leadership Institute. This week, ACU Chairman David Keene informed board members by e-mail that in the second vote the board had approved making GOProud a "participating organization" in CPAC, a role that will allow the homosexual activist group to take part in planning meetings and recommending speakers for the event

Board member Blackwell, meanwhile, is sharply critical not only of the ACU's decision to give GOProud a planning role in CPAC but also of the non-transparent manner in which the decision was made.

"This issue was clearly of such importance to the organization and to the movement that we should have had an in-person meeting where we could all discuss it and vote in a way that how we voted would be known to all the members of the board," Blackwell told

"I certainly wouldn't know how to verify the vote," Blackwell said.

"As far as I know, except for people like me who are willing to say how they voted, there has been no disclosure of how the different people voted," Blackwell said.

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