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Eugene Delgaudio: CPAC pays the price for gay embrace

Statement by Eugene Delgaudio, President, Public Advocate

Public Advocate is attacked by liberal groups and pro-homosexual blogs for doing its job and doing our mission.

We issue statements and our opponents are critical of them. That's our educational mission as a non-profit to provoke national debate.

Public Advocate broke the ice on attacking duplicitous conservatives selling out to homosexuals a while ago. We were emphatic that conservatives who claim to be "pro-family" while supporting the homosexual lobby will be the focus of critical attention here.

Beginning with attacking "gopound" (sic, it's really GoProud the log cabin style pac) and Grover Norquist and Anne Coulter earlier this year Public Advocate led the way to support exposes by Worldnet Daily and to write our supporters and post critical commentaries.

Now other prominent conservative pro-family groups are joining Public Advocate in being critical of a so-called conservatives who solicit funds from anti-family groups and provide forums to attack the family. There will be more.

The many articles are piling up on David Keene and the Conservative Political Action Conference wanting it both ways-- to claim to be pro-family and also pro-homosexual.

And then there's the posted video showing how David Keene threw a conservative pro-Sarah Palin anti-Liberal Republican conservative out of a conference last year and that is documented in the Ziegler video.

Getting David Keene to not like you is a dangerous thing as he can get really angry which Mr. Ziegler did in his video ambush in which Keene says and does throw Ziegler out of a conference.

Maybe Ziegler needed to "proclaim" himself just a liberal for Keene to make coalition with him.

(WARNING: liberals will choke from reading the following)

But that is not what we here at Public Advocate object to. We are the first to be in coaltion with any group who wants to agree with us on privacy or free speech concerns.

Public Advocate has worked with liberal groups to repeal the Congressional Pay Raise or protect free speech at Christmas time.

That is not the same thing as using our resources to support liberal causes which we will never do.

Other organizations besides PA are focusing on the money from conservatives being used by "CPAC" to promote liberal social causes. These other groups are bound to make David angry and gain wider coverage.

No one can ignore the wholesale rip off of $400,000 according to their own documents.

For 30 years Public Advocate has been silent on the inner workings of CPAC but when conservative money is used to promote liberal social causes, look for our public condemnation.


Conservative group refuses to attend; others may follow

"It's not my place to judge who's a conservative group and who's not, as long as they agree with the ACU statement of principles, " ACU's Lisa De Pasquale, chief organizer of CPAC, told WND. *The ACU statement makes no mention of social issues including abortion and sexual morality. "*

CPAC host hit with scandal

Embezzlement of $400,000 in donor funds uncovered inside top conservative group

(From WND) The non-profit organization responsible for the largest annual conservative gathering in the U.S. is under investigation for embezzlement of hundreds of thousands of dollars in donor money over several years, WND has learned.

The American Conservative Union, headed by David Keene and best known for its organization of the Conservative Political Action Conference each year in the nation's capital, has been embroiled in controversies in recent years, but this one is shaking the foundations of the Washington institution.

The American Conservative Union reported to the Internal Revenue Service last month a "material diversion of the organization's assets" totaling over $400,000. The group has an annual operating budget of about $1.5 million.

Full story at this link

John Ziegler from Media Malpractice interviewing David Keene (one of three videos which is pro-Sarah Palin John Ziegler's way of dealing with David Keene).

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