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AP sources: Survey finds Fierce Opposition In Military To Gays

An internal Pentagon study has found that most U.S. troops and their families don't care whether gays are allowed to serve openly and think the policy of "don't ask, don't tell" could be done away with, according to officials familiar with its findings.

The survey results were expected to be used by gay rights advocates to bolster their argument that the 1993 law on gays could be repealed immediately with little harm done to the military.

But the survey also was expected to reveal challenges the services could face in overturning the long-held policy, including overcoming fierce opposition in some parts of the military even if they represent a minority.

Public Advocate believes that that "fierce opposition" would come the moral or religious values members of the military who want the American military to be a traditional military and not a gay pride march.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:
It's what the liberals want:

Normalization of homosexual behavior would radically change military culture (AP): "It comes down to changing the culture, and (PA note: Obama-friendly) top brass say they need more time.

The military has been long resistant and, at times, hostile to gays, and it draws much of its 2.4 million members from socially conservative parts of America . . . If the military lifts the ban suddenly, would there be attacks on gays?

Would religious parents, coaches and teachers who oppose gay rights persuade young recruits not to enlist?"