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Human Events: It Looks Like a Republican Senate in 2010

John Gizzi of Human Events says "Goodbye Harry Reid. With November 2 almost here, signs are increasingly strong that Republicans will win at least the ten Senate seats they need to increase their present 41-seat minority to a majority of at least 51 and elect the Senate leader for the first time since 2006."

Because of special elections to fill out terms in Delaware, New York and West Virginia, there are an unusually high 37 Senate seats to be decided on by voters-18 held by Republicans, 19 by Democrats.

The ten Republican senators seeking re-election should all win handily: Shelby (Ala.), McCain (Ariz.), Isakson (Ga.), Crapo (Idaho), Grassley (Iowa), Vitter (La.), Burr (N.C.), Coburn (Okla.), DeMint (S.C.) and Thune (S.D.).

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