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Children Raised by Homosexual Parents More Likely to Identify as Gay: Study

MANHATTAN, Kansas, ( - (ANOTHER) study due out next month has found that children raised by homosexual parents are far more likely to identify as homosexual themselves.

Public Advocate reported on a previous study showing this from NARTH last month.

Walter Schumm, a family studies professor at Kansas State University, told AOL News that he questioned the conviction - ironclad in both popular culture and the academic world - that parents could not influence their children's sexual orientation, while being able to influence so many other aspects of their lives.

"I just want to know the truth about something," he said.


In the abstract of the study, Schumm concluded that research conducted by pro-family leader Paul Cameron in 2006, although widely lambasted by media and professionals, accurately concluded that homosexuals are more likely to raise homosexual children.

The study, an analysis of previous research, attempted to skew the results in favor of popular opinion, but still found Cameron's conclusion solid.

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