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Academic Freedom Verdict-- U of Ill Mistreated Catholic Professor But The U of Ill can continue to abuse him. What?

In typical double talk "A special faculty panel investigating an academic freedom dispute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has finished its inquiry with findings that expressly avoid saying whether there were grounds for the religion department to stop employing a controversial adjunct who taught about Roman Catholicism and whose anti-gay e-mail offended many students."

After issuing a report that agrees that a professor of Catholic studies who was critical, as a Catholic, of homosexual practices, was abused and that he was mistreated, the same committee attacks the content of the email and also says there might be grounds to get rid of him anyway.

Nice work for bankrupt and completely corrupt academic dictators.

Inside Higher Ed reports "The report is notable for documenting a significant degree of involvement by the university administration in the initial handling of the case. And the report suggests that the case illustrates the problems of the lack of clearly understood due process rights for all adjuncts at the university."

The report over the instructor and his comments is unlikely to end debate over the situation. A lawyer for the instructor applauded the panel for raising due process issues and affirming that instructors shouldn't lose their jobs for offending students. But he questioned the fairness of the panel's discussion of the instructor's references to utilitarianism and vowed to protect the instructor's rights to continued employment.

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