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LaBarbara: Children Should Not Attend Lewd "Gay Pride" Parades

Gay Pride Parades Good for Kids? That's the strange thesis of the Chicago Tribune, which put this photo and caption alongside its biased puff-piece about Chicago parents who pushed to include their children's elementary school in the city's annual "gay pride" parade (which takes place this Sunday, June 28). Below right is one of AFTAH's photos from the 2007 "Pride" parade, in which open nudity was allowed to be flaunted without any punitive action by police or parade organizers. AFTAH's Peter LaBarbera also witnessed two men engage in a revolting "gay" sex act directly in front of police (on the street) at the 2004 Chicago "gay pride" parade.

Police did nothing to stop the illegal public sex act.

Commentary Continued and one photo

Commentary and a full report.

Do Chicago homosexuals have special rights to go nude in public and bully critics?