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Public Advocate Dispatches Counter Thought Control Squads In Georgia To Prevent "Academic Executions"

Public Advocate Dispatches Counter Thought Control Squads
In Georgia To Prevent "Academic Execution"

Agusta State University wants student Ms Keaton to undergo "Though-Reform Remediation". "This is nothing but plain old reprogramming just as the North Koreans do to their people. In other words, just another form of brainwashing," says Eugene Delgaudio, Public Advocate president.

To counter this attempt to brainwash student counselors in their academic program, Public Advocate introduces their "Counter Thought Control Squads" which place in high traffic areas public messages seen by thousands of drivers and passengers in cars at a retail level.



Public Advocate Asks For Stay in Academic Execution

"Perhaps administrative overlords in the Georgia state university system will appreciate public response that is aimed at preserving diversity that includes toleration for a strong belief in moral values. Just because they want to summarily execute a student's college degree with "academic murder" does not mean the rest of us will be complicit by simply watching and remaining silent," said Delgaudio.

These signs counter the edicts issued by the university to conform with "liberalism or else" and encourage alternative actions to stand firm for religious values, oppose immorality and to suggest political pressure be brought to bear on the offending educational institution.

Signs posted on overpasses, state highways, town roads and major towns and cities in Georgia include these messages "Boycott August U", "Free Jennifer Keeton", "August U Hates Christians", "Agusta State U. Christians Beware".

Taxpayer institutions that act in an anti-religious manner need students and public support. We will aim to re-access that public support on an active basis and alert citizens of all ages of the despotic mind control in Georgia and wherever it occurs, " says Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio.

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