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Public Advocate cheers: Pushy Public Abuser DeGeneres "Gonged" (Fired) from Idol

Public Advocate cheers: Pushy Public Sex Abuser DeGeneres "Gonged" (Fired) from Idol

As Public Advocate condemned 2 weeks ago, she has now paid the price by getting fired from Idol.

(PA's Previous article: See Drooling Lesbian Ellen DeGeneres Orders Female Contestant to Sing Love Song to a Woman)

Anybody who works to get on Idol as a contestant is a volunteer. You don't abuse the volunteers publicly and keep your audience.

Remember "The Gong Show"? You walked up and were openly mocked by the host. And booed by the audience.

Okay for a few seasons and quite old now. Don't make a habit of insulting every single guest as a script and expect audience support.

In case you missed the memorandum, American Idol is not "The Gong Show".

There is quite a difference. But Ellen DeGeneres decided she was going to "Gong" a young singer to promote public lesbianism. Instead Ellen DeGeneres got "gonged" herself!

More than a few people interested in keeping American Idols' standing in market share said something. Afterall only 50 million mostly normal Americans watch it.

Now DeGeneres will no doubt talk about "uptight Hollywood" and how they did not give her the respect and decent treatment she deserved (by allowing her to walk over anybody in her path and kick them in the teeth on moral issues).

Gary McCullough of Christian Newswire says:

"There is a moral to the story of this DeGeneres-Idol saga. There is a limit to what Christian viewers will tolerate, and I am using 'Christian' in the broadest of definitions. The revenue generating ability of television programming that promotes homosexuality has its limits. If primetime network programming becomes indistinguishable from HBO and Showtime someone else will take ownership of the family-friendly entertainment market.

"The encouragement I take from the firing of DeGeneres is that someone in Hollywood understands what I have been saying; that the promotion of homosexuality and the production of family entertainment do not mix. There is money to be made and there are cultural battles to be fought; if you try to do both you will lose twice. That has been my business advice. Cultural battles have two sides, one of which is immoral.

Choose to fight on the immoral side of a cultural battle and any victory you experience will only be temporary. That is my spiritual advice." says Christian Newswire director Gary McCullough,