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"The massive assault on young teenage boys is a vast criminal enterprise perpetrated by adult homosexual men in a clearly established pattern in recent years. The decision by the Justice Department to request "all documents of abuse be preserved" is a reaction that seems to be a selective response. A more appropriate policy would include a minimum of prosecuting those who organized the infiltration of the Catholic Church to perform these horrific crimes, not just leadership that are possibly being singled out in every state; announce publicly all district representatives for religious liberty to prevent abuse by overzealous prosecutors who use this announced initiative for the harrassement of innocents; widen the entire scope of this effort against the Catholic Church by including evidence of attacks on young boys and girls in other significant places where thousands of attacks are perpetrated annually: public schools, foster care, sports and other clear venues like libraries which seem to be the clear destination for adult homosexuals who prey on teen age boys, says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

"In addition, update few national studies in the Justice Department and the Education department that follow up on other reports documents the thousands of cases in public schools each year that go unprosecutied on the federal level," said Delgaudio.

(Original Post July 26 2010)

Media "Downplays" 2,500 Teachers Nationwide Fired for "Sexual Misconduct" 2001-2005


A Post Article downplays large scale of Predators: the headline says "Despite states' efforts, measures to protect students from predators sometimes fail" but the major media ignores the words "adult homosexual predator" and contributes to the problem.

From a companion piece to the Kevin Ricks' series (elsewhere on this public advocate website) with the article exposing Kevin Ricks as a teacher-predator is a discussion about how school systems attempt to deal with this region's share of the thousands of incidents of abuse of students in the United States (according to a study 2001-2005, there were 2500 such incidents during that period nationwide)

Congress should mandate a current (2005 to 2010) study on adult homosexuals abusing young teen boys. But not with Speaker Pelosi in charge. And just why do liberal school boards in the Washington DC region not post "sexual misconduct tallies"? (answer: Unions).

This seems to be a headline but is buried in the article:

"In 2004, a congressionally mandated study estimated that one in 10 students from kindergarten through 12th grade were victims of some form of sexual misconduct by a school employee -- from being told a dirty joke or shown pornography to being inappropriately touched or raped.

In 2007, an Associated Press investigation found more than 2,500 teachers nationwide had licenses revoked, suspended or denied from 2001 through 2005 because of sexual misconduct."

The WP article notes that only one jurisdiction in the Washington area posts "sexual misconduct" tallies or reports on teachers and that is Prince George's county.

From the article: (Prince George's) Police...investigated 41 allegations of sexual abuse by a teacher or school employee from 2005 to early 2010 and pressed charges in two cases." And last week a football coach was charged with having sex with 2 students.

PDF OF THE 156 PAGE REPORT "Educator Sexual Misconduct: A Synthesis of Existing Literature" (U.S. Department of Education)


Yet the articles states "Allegations are hard to prove, experts say, and most instances of sexual abuse go unnoticed or unreported. Therefore, criminal background checks offer only a thin layer of defense. Often, it is up to local school officials to watch for suspicious behavior."

And once in 28 years the Post writes about it.

And many major publications in the country are -- once in a lifetime-- carrying the series too.

And once in a lifetime the Washington DC school board cleans out the deadwood and bad teachers after negotiating raises with most of the Washington DC teachers.

More from the series "Despite states' efforts, measures to protect students from predators sometimes fail"

Some obvious Workplace rules for teachers:

The appearance and policy of protecting teachers over students must be confronted and solved. Teachers themselves know this is an urgent challenge for all honest teachers. To prevent abuse of the system by the predator or by students who make false witness is the goal.

It is inappropriate for teachers and school employees to have out of classroom contact with the student.

No gifts for students from teachers to students.

Parents and schools or institutions should not allow sleepovers of young people with any adults. Ever.

Regarding the exchange students. It is a big issue.

According to one source the pattern of abuse is not an "isolated incident". For more information visit the website of Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students at

Laws on child sex abuse in schools