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Drooling Lesbian Ellen DeGeneres Orders Female Contestant to Sing Love Song to a Woman

Public Advocate knows its only TV and "entertainment" but it would have been nice for the young singer to politely but firmly say "no" in response to Ellen DeGeneres asking her to sing a love song to another woman.

Repulsed on television, DeGeneres probably would have fallen back in shock and died from embarrassment on the spot.

Or become hopelessly enraged and the "nice lesbian" would be exposed for a mean-spirited bully. But it did not happen that way.

Here's the story from CNS:

American Idol judge Ellen DeGeneres picked a love song written to be sung by a man to a woman for contestant Crystal Bowersox--a single mom with a boyfriend--to perform on the show's semifinal program on Tuesday night.

The song, "Maybe I'm Amazed," written by Paul McCartney and dedicated to his now-deceased wife Linda McCartney, includes the repeated lyric "baby, I'm a man" in the chorus.

The other judges and host Ryan Seacrest appeared to express a higher level of curiosity about DeGeneres's song pick for Bowersox than they did for the other judges' choices for the program.

"All right, Ellen, so why did you pick this one for Crystal?" Seacrest asked DeGeneres before Bowersox performed the tune.

"Well, I love the song," DeGeneres said. "I think the song is amazing, and I think she's amazing. And I just wanted her to surprise people. Everybody knows what she does, and I thought let's show some range and let her just tear this thing apart. And I think she will."

Comment from Public Advocate: Or maybe the young singer will stand up to the pushy promoter of irregularity who just wants to be considered "normal".

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