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D.C. Citizens Unable to Vote on Passage of Homosexual Marriage! Homosexual Lobby to Blame.

Shaping up to be a negligent abuse of power, the D.C. City Council has vowed to not allow the people a vote on homosexual marriage.

This is not the first time those in power have forced through homosexual "marriage" by preventing a vote by the people.

In 2008, a rogue Iowa Supreme Court overturned the Iowa Defense of Marriage Act without letting Iowans vote on the matter, thereby making homosexual marriage legal.

In a time span of one year, Iowa and Washington D.C. will both have granted homosexuals the right to "marry" by completely ignoring their citizens.

If you are thinking that there is a constant between these two circumstances, you guessed right.

The Homosexual Lobby has been active in both situations with millionaire homosexual activist Tim Gill at the lead.

This has been done through the elimination of hundreds of conservative state-based politicians throughout the nation, sometimes dozens per election cycle.

Tim Gill combines these underhanded millions of dollars of out-of-state money to intimidate politicians who might otherwise stand against such schemes.

Click here to see Tim Gill lay out his radical agenda.

But the fight for traditional marriage in D.C. is not over yet. Public Advocate is generating a grassroots movement in an effort to voice the opinion of the D.C. citizens before the City Council makes their decision.

To read more about the situation in D.C., please click here.

Public Advocate is depending on your support to help fight this injustice in D.C., so please, click here to make a generous contribution.