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Homosexual Lobby Claims Police Crack Down On Public Sex Is Discrimination

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that the moral fabric of our nation is increasingly tattered.

Nothing illustrates this reality more than the current state of Boston's Fenway Victory Gardens.

Once a symbol of American perseverance and sacrifice in a time of war, the last remaining World War II Victory Garden has been perverted into a midnight playground for anonymous homosexual sex.

Boston City Councilor Mike Ross said he's "getting complaints from people who are tired of seeing human remains ... in their gardens ... needles, condoms, condom wrappers."

Now that Boston police have increased patrols in order to crack down on public fornication and drug use, radical homosexual activists are crying discrimination.

"Whenever police go into a gay cruising area, civil rights problems result," claimed Don Gorton, president of the homosexual lobbying group Anti-Violence Project of Massachusetts.

Shockingly, lawyers for the Homosexual Lobby are claiming sex in the public park is not a crime because the height of the park's reeds obscures public view.

In fact, the Homosexual Lobby claims that attempting to stop the illicit activity is discrimination. And even complaining may be illegal under Massachusetts Thought Control laws.

According to Gorton, "Men who fraternize with other men are protected against discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation in access to parks and recreation areas."

Thought Control is designed to prevent "hate crimes" motivated by discrimination and prejudice. Unfortunately, homosexual activists believe that any action against their radical agenda is nothing more than discrimination and prejudice.

A homosexual frequenter of the gardens said "It's more or less a harassment, wanting to get rid of the gay cruising."

There has even been vandalism in retaliation against attempts to clean up the park. More than 40 gardens have been destroyed since the increased police patrols began.

City Councilor Ross said "[I] walked through the Fens and saw the aftermath of forty or fifty gardens that had been destroyed. To me, it looked like retaliatory action for the fact that there's people who want the park to be secure and safe."

Thought Control is only one step away from making it to Barack Obama's desk. The Homosexual Lobby succeeded in tacking the bill onto the must-pass Defense Authorization Act.

Now Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are appointing the conference committee to work out the minor details on before ramming this legislation through to be signed into law.

I need you to call Senator Carl Levin now at (202) 224-6221. Senator Levin is likely to be the chairman of the conference committee.

Tell him you will not stand for legislation that labels all opposition to the Homosexual Agenda as discrimination, and that Thought Control must be removed from the Defense Authorization Act.

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