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Mr. President, Stay Away From Our Kids!

Public Advocate is at the forefront of the battle for the American family.

Video: Report On PA At Obama Speech

September 9, 2009

This past week, I led a political demonstration in opposition to President Barack Obama and his speech at Wakefield High.

A sea of signs on every roadway greeted his entourage and was aired on live television news feeds for the country to see. Millions heard about our efforts through radio, TV news, blogs and newspapers.

I believe that President Obama's speech to schoolchildren was just the beginning.

In countless school districts across the nation, the Homosexual Lobby's indoctrination campaigns usually begin with seemingly harmless activities which balloon into full-on promotion of the homosexual lifestyle.

It is an all too common strategy of the Homosexual Lobby.

Our pro-family volunteers outside Wakefield High School -- where Obama spoke -- told President Obama loud and clear to "stay away from our kids!"

Across the country, angry parents stood up to this blatant attempt at indoctrination.

Together, we pressured Obama to tone down what was originally an exhortation for students to help him advance his political agenda. According to the Washington Post, his speech became "an exercise in banality as Obama shied from anything that could be taken as remotely political."

This victory is a direct result of the outrage expressed over the past few days by Americans like you.

76 Pictures of Public Advocate Vs. Obama can be found here.

Online Video of Public Advocate Vs. Obama can be found here.

More importantly, Public Advocate got the message of opposition out to the world in media interviews.

Both the Washington Post and the AP reported on our demonstration.

I need your help. The counter-attack from the left on my position is deafening and I need ammunition.

Our success has been met with an enraged radical activists seeking revenge for daring to speak out against Barack Obama. Already liberal blogs and newspapers seek my head.

Please help Public Advocate with a generous donation to continue to oppose the President as he attacks the family, impose the pro-homosexual agenda and destroy traditional marriage with executive orders and legislative horrors.

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