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Ayatollah, Gahdafi, and Castro Sing Obama's Praise

With Friends like these who need enemies?

(reuters) - "Obama is a flicker of hope in the middle of the imperialist darkness," the Libyan leader said, adding: "There is a fear that they would liquidate him as they liquidated Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln."
Gaddafi, who is the African Union chairman, had offered to work with Obama to sustain security, stability and prosperity in Africa and elsewhere.

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(Los Angeles Times, Blogs) - The aging, ailing, cigar-smoking icon Fidel Castro had three members of Congress visit with him today in Havana, which resulted in the bearded one asking, "How can we help President Obama?"  In an effort to improve the relationship between Cuba and the U.S., Reps. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland), Bobby L. Rush (D-Ill.) and Emanuel Cleaver II (D-Mo.) were the first U.S. officials to meet with the 82-year-old former dictator since his intestinal surgery in July 2006.

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(My - The ayatollah said, quote, "this man does not lack sincerity in what he's saying about Islam." He added that though former President Bush used similar language, his "mentality was not open." Still, he said the big question would be whether Obama can realize any of those messages when he's facing government institutions he doesn't have complete control over.

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