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Michigan and Ohio TV Stations Reject Paid Christian Ads

PAID AD REJECTED: TV Stations Shred "Silencing the Christians'

Two TV stations, Station WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Station WSYX-TV in Columbus, Ohio, have banned a television special showing how the media is silencing Christians. The stations bowed down to the demands of a handful of homosexual activists and banned the showing of The American Family Association produced TV special "Speechless...Silencing the Christians." The one-hour TV special was scheduled to be shown on the stations, but the stations yanked the program after agreeing to run it. AFA was paying for the time.

Oddly enough, the TV special shows how the media censors Christians, which is exactly what these two stations did!

They said the program was "controversial." The stations do not consider showing two lesbians or two homosexuals kissing or getting into bed with each other controversial. The stations do not consider all the profanity they air controversial. They regularly show network programs advocating the homosexual agenda, but those programs are not considered controversial. However, a special showing of Christians being silenced is controversial!