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Public Advocate Exposed Same Judge: Nashville Journalist Faces Jail Over Trans Shooter Manifesto Leak

LAST WEEK: "Mark Clayton, Vice President of Public Advocate, (WAS) requesting an investigation into potential violations of 18 U.S.C. � 242 by I'Aeshea Myles, a public official in Nashville, Tennessee"

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate says "This week the same corrupt judge, Judge I'Aeshea Myles threatens to jail a journalist over the leak of the Trans School Shooter, Audrey Hale, in Nashville, prefering to protect the diary of the shooter over the rights of Americans needing to know the threats of serial trans shooters."


A public records case over a leaked manifesto belonging to Audrey Hale, a transgender individual who shot up the Covenant School in a Nashville suburb - killing three 9-year-old children and three adults, has spiraled into a contentious legal battle which could see a journalist tossed in jail if he doesn't reveal his source.

Nashville school shooting: What we know about killer Audrey Hale ...

Nashville school shooting: What we know about killer Audrey Hale ...

On Monday, Chancellor I'Ashea Myles of Davidson County ordered Michael Patrick Leahy, editor and owner of the conservative news website The Tennessee Star, to appear in court. Leahy is to participate in a "show cause hearing" on June 17to address why he should not be held in contempt over his publication's use of the leaked documents.

Leahy has filed an emergency motion to stay her order...

The documents, which appeared on The Tennessee Star, may have come from former lieutenant Garet Davidson, a figure already embroiled in his controversies with the Nashville Police Department following a significant complaint filed after his departure.

On Friday, meanwhile, a Nashville police lieutenant delivered a court declaration suggesting Davidson as the source of the leaks, intensifying the scrutiny in the case. Davidson's actions, as alleged, raise profound questions about the motivations behind and the repercussions of leaking sensitive information from an active police investigation.

The situation has stirred a significant debate about the limits of press freedom, especially when it clashes with the law's demand for confidentiality and respect for court processes. Legal experts argue that while the public's right to know is paramount, the integrity of judicial proceedings must also be safeguarded to ensure fair and impartial justice.