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Today: Public Advocate hosts Stop Trans Surgery, Free Trump Giant Billboards


Public Advocate to Protest June 8th Washinton D.C. Pride Parade

News Release Posted May 31, 2024, Repost June 8

For Immediate Release

Permission granted in advance to quote or use for publication.

Washington, D.C. - Public Advocate's President, Eugene Delgaudio, has announced a major campaign for the month of June, focusing on the idea - that "Children are Never Born the wrong Gender God doesn't Make Mistakes."

Update: Public Advocate will have two other billboards, "Free Trump" and "Transgender Women are Insane Men" messages, Delgaudio said.

Delgaudio's statement: "In response to the shocking and aggressive attacks on my staff, with gunshots fired at the last billboard news conference, Public Advocate has decided to intensify their efforts in spreading our crucial message. The campaign, which began in May, will continue through June with an even stronger presence in Washington, D.C. during the so-called pride events."

Today, at the so-called "Pride Parade" in Washington D.C., Saturday June 8th a large billboard reading "Children are Never Born the wrong Gender God doesn't Make Mistakes," will be prominently displayed. Public Advocate understands this message may receive strong reactions from the public. There is a possibility that some individuals may feel compelled to confront the sign. This situation highlights the ongoing tensions and debates surrounding men in women's spaces and the role of public demonstrations in fostering dialogue and protecting the privacy of women and children.

"We are highlighting the truth that there are only 2 genders! Male and female. Chloe Cole, a detransitioner Public Advocate interviewed last month stated, 'Do not Affirm the Lie.' That is, the lie that one can change their gender by surgery or pronouns, as this does more harm than help," said Delgaudio.

President of Public Advocate Eugene Delgaudio says: "The upcoming 'Pride Month' is a celebration of transexual perversion and child abuse. It is a propaganda program aimed at indoctrinating children into accepting the radical Trans-Homosexual Agenda. Numerous corporate products will be rebranded with the Homosexual 'rainbow' or the word 'Pride' during this month-long event. Our giant billboard counters this."

Public Advocate believes that our upcoming June campaign will reach millions of people through various online media platforms, including online and offline advertising, as well as public demonstrations. Despite the aggressive opposition, Public Advocate remains committed to their cause and is determined to expose the truth about the biological differences between men and women.