Defending the family

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Four Million Public Advocate supporters say "Happy Mothers Day "

"Over 80 million views on social media shows widespread support for Public Advocate last year. This week in honor of Mothers Day, four million supporters view our latest post on social media. At this rate Public Advocate is on pace to reach 200 million views this year on social media.

Happy Mother's Day to all real women who deserve to be respected. Public Advocate has many plans to honor and defend women against the Biden Administration's announced policies to destroy an entire gender," says Eugene Delgaudio President of Public Advocate.

In a national message today, Delgaudio wrote to his supporters, in part:

Lately we have been rocking it on our social media accounts!

Public Advocate is routinely getting millions of views a week of our social media content.

And on this Mother's Day, I just wanted to share with you one of our biggest successes.

This young man stood up to his school board in defense of Two and Only Two Genders -- and he's gotten over 4 Million views!

Biden's attacks on gender are attacks on motherhood and womanhood -- which that brave young man is fighting to save.

Yet with Biden's new radical Title IX for schools, this young man's t-shirt could actually be outlawed soon as a "hate crime."

And it will be illegal for a teacher to say something as simple as "only women can be mothers."

Which is why a celebration of Motherhood is the perfect time to stand up and declare that God made our genders -- and He doesn't make mistakes.

Male and Female He made us -- and there's no power on earth or in Hell that can change that for anyone.

Today is a day to thank God for our wonderful mothers and wives......." Delgaudio says today, Mother's Day, May 12 2024.