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Australia Wants Stabbings of Christians Kept Secret

"The Australian government is demanding that stabbings of Christians by Godless thugs not be allowed to be reported anywhere in the world and videos must be immediately destroyed of all videos showing the mass murder of Christians by stabbing. This is directed at Elon Musk who owns X, formerly Twitter, for allowing videos of stabbings of Christians to be posted on his platform. Leftist pro-stabbing government officials desire nobody should find out about terrorist attacks on Christians. Public Advocate will not cooperate and will post reports of videos of violent freaks seeking to cause harm to innocent victims without restraint by government. We shall not be silenced about leftists that seek the end of religious liberty using censorship to coverup their murderous political pro-terrorist policies," says Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate.

Time magazine reports:

Fresh off his feud with a Brazilian Supreme Court judge, Elon Musk is taking his next fight to the very top of the government down under. The owner of X and self-proclaimed champion of free speech has refused to comply with an Australian order to remove videos of violence from his platform, a move that has solicited the ire of the Prime Minister.

Just days after a knifeman killed six at a mall earlier this month, Australia was rocked by another stabbing incident in the suburbs of Sydney when, on April 15, a bishop and a priest were stabbed during a live-streamed sermon. Graphic footage of the attack, which the government deemed terrorism, quickly circulated online and sparked riots near the church scene of the crime.

On April 16, Australia eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant ordered social media companies X and Meta to take down the videos within 24 hours, under the powers of the country's Online Safety Act. "We know that every minute counts, and the more this content is up there, the more it is reshared, the more the velocity and the virality continues and we need to stem that," she said. "This is really devastating content that cannot be unseen and causes serious emotional, mental and psychological damage."

Meta reportedly acted swiftly. "Our priority is to protect people using our services from seeing this horrific content even if bad actors are determined to call attention to it," a spokesperson told the Guardian. But X took a different approach.

Reuters Reports:

X said it had already blocked the posts from Australian users, but Australia's e-Safety Commissioner had said the content should be taken down since it showed explicit violence.

"Does the PM think he should have jurisdiction over all of Earth?" Musk wrote in a post, referring to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

The billionaire, who bought X in 2022 with a declared mission to save free speech, posted a meme on the platform that showed X stood for "free speech and truth" while other social media platforms represented "censorship and propaganda".

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