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Jeff Bezos Whole Foods Charges $7 For One Apple-- gets blasted online

"Jeff Bezo's, owner of the liberal Washington Post, Amazon and Whole Foods, was lambasted for charging $7 for one apple at his Whole Foods store. Bezos is a big promoter of President Joe Biden so its fair to hold him personally responsible for prices in his stores, " says Eugene Delgaudio president of the Public Advocate of the U.S. Inc.


The cost of a simple apple has sparked a furious debate on social media after a young shopper delivered an impassioned protest at paying $7 for the grocery staple.

More than one million people have seen the diatribe from the TikTok user, who had just emerged from an unnamed branch of Whole Foods.

The Boston-based influencer reached into her bag, grabbing the apple and her phone and left her followers in no doubt about her fury.

'I literally just did grocery shopping at Whole Foods and look at this,' she said holding up the offending fruit.

'Guess how much this is. This is an apple, it's called a SugarBee f***ing apple apparently and look at it.