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Public Advocate celebrates United Kingdom banning transgender drugs to children

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, says "We have won a great victory in our efforts to protect children with the latest prohibition, in Great Britain, of dangerous drugs being given to children by corrupt medical people."

In a message to supporters, Delgaudio wrote:

"We have won a major victory in the fight to protect children from the Transgender Agenda.

The United Kingdom has just banned the use of puberty blockers on children!

This is a country that's already deep in the pockets of the Homosexual Lobby -- and even they've been forced to realize the truth:

Puberty blockers are dangerous for children to use.

They are not beneficial -- they are not even harmless.

And they are not a big "Pause Button" to delay puberty until a confused child can make up their mind.

Puberty blockers are poison.

They destroy the body and create lifelong problems.

And now a very Liberal medical establishment has been forced to admit it.

This creates a great deal of ammo for us to use over here.

Especially for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's bill to ban all medical "transitioning" procedures for children.

As you likely recall, her bill was named for our own petition: Protect Children's Innocence Act.

We will put an end to the barbaric butchering of American children in the name of "transgender affirmation."

Public Advocate's good friend -- and trans-survivor -- Chloe Cole went on Fox News yesterday to thank the UK for their new ban.

I interviewed Chloe about her suffering at the hands of "gender affirming" doctors -- treatments that included puberty blockers."