Defending the family

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Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, pro-family advocate, wins North Carolina nomination for Governor


North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson won the Republican nomination on Super Tuesday and told a group of enthusiastic supporters in a victory speech late Tuesday evening that he hopes to make history by becoming the state's first Black governor.

In his victory speech, Robinson commended his team and celebrated his own "underdog" story, which he likened to North Carolina's own story as a state.

"We stand by what we believe in, who we are, and our story. Because our story is a great story," Robinson said at a Greensboro victory party. "Our story is a story that's deeply rooted in North Carolina. It is the story of North Carolina. A story of being the underdog. A story of being the person who had to come back, the person who was the person who had to overcome obstacles to see a better day, just like North Carolina herself."

He continued, "But like North Carolina herself, we have risen past that to see a better day. And we stand here on this stage now, ready to move forward, ready to move forward into that better day. And I would be remiss right now if I did not give credit to the person, I believe, who was most responsible for my success, other than my beautiful wife, Yolanda, who is standing here on the stage with me."

Robinson, who was endorsed by former President Trump over the weekend, with the former president calling him "Martin Luther King on steroids," also thanked his supporters and their work and commitment.

"We appreciate you, always giving thanks to Jesus Christ for giving us life, health, strength and allowing us to live in such a blessed and prosperous land. Well guys, tonight is the cultivation of a lot of doggone hard work. A lot of hard work and commitment. Not just by me and my team, and our campaign staff, but by a whole category of people across the state who believe in us, who believe in our message, believe in our vision, and want to see North Carolina go into the right direction and did the hard work it took to get through this primary," he said.

Robinson added, "Those of you all who know me know who I am. I'm a person who has a deep love for the state of North Carolina. Why? Because the state of North Carolina has been doggone good to Mark Robinson. From the time I was a little poor kid growing up and right here in Greensboro & to the time I was a young man in the United States military, to the time when I was a young father struggling to take care of my family to this very moment, standing on the stage as the Republican nominee for governor of this great state.

"This state has been doggone good to me," the Republican nominee continued. "Now it is time for me to repay the debt of gratitude that I have to this great state and its people. I look out across this group of people who stand or stand in front of me now, and I see the struggles and successes symbolize North Carolina."

Photo Credit Mark Robinson at CPAC Youtube