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VIDEO: Transgender Serial Killer Update: Lakewood Church Shooter -- BORN A MAN, SAYS FOX

"Public Advocate will not cooperate with the mass media hiding this. The Lakewood Church shooter is another serial Transgender man (according to Fox News) killing Christians. It is clear that the major news media wants to polish the criminal element loose mass murdering Christians rather than admit they are part of a murderous cult boosting violence to innocent victims, this cover-up causes confusion in conflicting accounts." says Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate.


The news is breaking today that the person who walked into Lakewood Church in Houston on Sunday afternoon and opened fire was transgender.

I have been waiting for more information about this shooting, as a Houstonian, and as a media observer. When the shooting was breaking news, one aspect of the story didn't sit well with me. It seemed as though local law enforcement and the media were not transparent with all they knew. It seemed like they were holding back.

Frankly, I was waiting for the shooter to be identified as an illegal alien. It turns out it is the other subject the media often initially omits from a breaking news story - the shooter was transgender. "She" was a he with a criminal record.