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Biden's Brain Is No Good Anymore



In a statement issued to supporters, Delgaudio said:

"When it came to Biden's mental capacity, I have consistently called it since his inauguration:

Nobody's home.

Biden has not been mentally competent enough to be president since he was sworn in.

The evidence has been plain for anyone to see.

Which is why I frequently specify in my emails to you, that our fight is really with "Biden's Handlers."

Now, I'm not saying that Biden is innocent of the policies he has pushed the last three years.

He clearly has functional mental abilities at times - perhaps a few hours most days.

But that is far, far below the acceptable line for a sitting U.S. President.

The events this passed week were not a sudden revelation - they were the last straw.

It is now beyond absurd for anyone to treat Biden like he is the Leader of the Free World.

Someone else in the White House is making the decisions - we just don't know who!

The Hur Report has made it crystal clear that Biden has reached the point where he is easily confused, easily agitated, and highly forgetful.

He is nothing more than a figurehead.

Biden's cronies and the Democrats are doing everything they can to obscure the issue.

They are whitewashing over the rage that Biden shows when questioned or pushed and over the incredibly slow, meandering, mumbling way he answers any question.

They want to claim it's nothing more than occasional memory lapses.

No, it's only occasional moments where Biden can say something clear, concise and accurate.

Until Biden's Cabinet takes the correct action and removes him under the 25th, the House of Representatives needs to exercise its power.

They must refuse to send any bills, any business and any funding to the President's Desk.

They must continue their investigation into the Biden Crime Family.

And they must continue their investigations into Biden's weaponization of the FBI and Justice Department.

This same Justice Department is trying to put President Trump in jail for taking documents - which as a former president he was allowed to do...

...but refuses to press charges against Biden for taking documents as a Senator and Vice President - which is illegal.

These are rogue agencies that must be brought to heal.

Right now we are facing potential foreign wars in Europe, the Middle East and East Asia.

We have a Border War about to break out in Texas.

And there is a genuine war on women and children being waged inside the United States by the Transgender Lobby.

Lives are being lost every day.

We cannot have a mentally impaired man at the helm.

In the coming weeks, I will be exploring various means for Public Advocate to put more pressure on the House."