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Victory: Roanoke County School Board Bans Trans Sex Changes AND Flags in School Buildings

"Parents have long objected to pro-transgender propaganda being pushed on children in public schools and banning the grooming with these banners is good too," says Eugene Delgaudio president of Public Advocate. Delgaudio said: "THANK YOU to the Roanoke School Board for voting no to promoting transgender propaganda and voting to ban the display of political propaganda."

Video here of news report on Vote to Ban so-called Tran Flags


An emotional Roanoke County School Board meeting ended in two arrests Thursday night - after two controversial policies were discussed.

One of those was the Virginia Department of Education's new model policies for transgender students. The other focused on the decorations that teachers are allowed to have in their classrooms, a policy passed unanimously by the board. (See the full decor policy below this article.)

In a unanimous decision, the Roanoke County School Board voted Thursday to adopt a new policy saying teachers may not use classroom decorations displaying any political, sociopolitical, or religious belief.

"Classroom decor and displays are intended to support the curriculum and learning objectives of Roanoke County Public Schools, and contribute to a learning environment in which all students are valued and supported," said Roanoke County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Ken Nicely.