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Maine judiciary committee KILLS bill creating a sanctuary state for child sex changes

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate said "The bill to kidnap children for sex change surgeries from states that prohibit this butchery failed today in Maine. Thank you to the Judiciary Committee members who we contacted who voted to kill it. Full credit to thousands who responded to our alerts to oppose it."

Post Millennial reports:

A Maine legislative judiciary committee killed a bill on Thursday evening that would have permitted minors to travel to the state to seek sex changes and granted the state custody over children.

Edward Tomic for The Maine Wire reported that the present committee members voted unanimously against passing LD 1735 in a 12 to zero vote.

Alvin Lui, president of Courage is a Habit, the group that spearheaded the effort to stop the bill, told The Post Millennial, "My team and I are so incredibly grateful for every single person that wrote emails and shared it with their family and friends. What we do really doesn't matter if people don't take action. And this was a loud and clear message by parents across America to the Transgender Cult that their emotional blackmail is coming to an end. Parents don't care about labels anymore. This cult will not take our children."

"Every day we are inundated with so many big issues that make the average American feel helpless. This win that they were able to achieve proves that the individual American Patriot is not helpless.

"This 12-0 defeat of this Transgender Trafficking Bill was done in a blue state that allows 9-month abortions and 16-year-olds can obtain Transgender drugs and surgeries without parental consent. This absolute win is only a glimpse of what can happen when Americans take action and reject those who hate America, our Constitution, and parental rights," Lui concluded.

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