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ACTION ALERT! Oppose Maine Child Transgender Trafficking Bill (LD 1735)

Dear Pro Family Advocate,

Maine is actually about to pass a bill that would legalize the kidnapping of children who "feel transgender."

The Child Transgender Trafficking Bill is so aggressive it sounds more like a sick joke - but it is very real.

Watch summary video here (please share on social media!)

At its core, this bill mimics what we have seen other states do.

Just one year ago, we heard the horror story of a Virginia girl who was trafficked into Maryland.

But because the girl had become confused over her gender, the Maryland judge refused to return her to her legal guardians.

This young girl was held hostage by the State of Maryland - effectively kidnapped a second time - in the name of the Transgender Agenda.

Her story only got worse from there...

Under the new law, the State of Maine would block police from sending any children home to their parents, if that child purportedly came to Maine for "gender affirming medical care."

This care includes breast removal, genital mutilation, puberty blockers and hormone therapy.

Runaway children who get as far as Maine will be held by the state until they receive the mutilating surgeries or treatments that the Homosexual Lobby says they need.

Even children who are illegally abducted or tricked by traffickers and make it inside Maine's borders will be seized by the state just as long as there's a hint of "gender confusion."

The Homosexual Lobby has created thousands of routes to abduct confused teens.

Even now, many schools send so-called "gender confused" children to websites and chatrooms that are controlled by pedophiles and kidnappers.

These children are emotionally manipulated into running away from home and into the arms of traffickers.

And now Maine would be a safe haven for these traffickers to dump these kids - and they will claim to Maine officials that they have liberated these kids because their parents don't affirm their real gender.

Once there, the kids will be held by the state and abused - while their own parents are left completely out of the process.

Rep. David Haggan (R-Hampden) said it succinctly, "This bill authorizes the kidnapping and massacring of children from other states without parental consent."

This is practically a declaration of war on the other 49 states!

Maine is one of the states that has thrown President Trump off the election ballot for his pro-Family policies.

This is an administration that is capable of anything - including signing the Child Transgender Trafficking Bill into law!

This bill is a threat to children from every state in the nation - and Maine needs to feel the wrath of a nation right now.

The bill is scheduled to be voted on in two days so we don't have time to waste.

First, if you are a Maine resident, I need you to contact your State Representative.

Let them know you adamantly oppose the Child Transgender Trafficking Bill (LD 1735).

However, I am also asking every single Public Advocate supporter across the country to take this next action.

Please contact the Speaker of the House Rachel Ross and tell her that she must oppose the Child Transgender Trafficking Bill.

Her office number is (207)287-1300.

Let her know that the whole country is outraged over this bill.

If we can bring enough pressure to bear on her, we can kill this bill before it goes any further.

Don't wait, act now.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

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