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Conservative Forces Now In Open Revolt Against Miers

George Will Attacks Miers Nomination

Can This Nomination Be Justified?
"First, it is not important that she be confirmed. Second, it might be very important that she not be."

Patrick Buchanan Attacks Meiers Nomination

Republican Senators Should Not Rally Around Their President

Bush recoils from greatness

Peggy Noonan Assails Bush Over Miers

It all depends on the hearings.
Barring a withdrawal of her nomination, it's going to come down to Harriet Miers's ability to argue her own case before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

National Review's David Frum Does Not Like Miers

Madame Justice
This is the moment for which the conservative legal movement has been waiting for two decades--two decades in which a generation of conservative legal intellects of the highest ability have moved to the most distinguished heights in the legal profession.

On the Other hand...
The gay-rights group Human Rights Campaign is leaning positive on the Miers nomination. Hilary Rosen likes Miers too.

Washington Times Reports Conservatives Yell At Bush Reps For Hours

Republican activists slam Miers nomination
Republican activists yesterday lashed out at President Bush's nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court, excoriating White House emissaries at two "off-the-record" gatherings of Washington conservatives.

"I can't stomach another 'trust me' from a Republican" in the Oval Office, Free Congress Foundation President Paul M. Weyrich told Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman at Mr. Weyrich's regular Wednesday conservative coalition luncheon.

Washington Post Reports Weyrich And Others Shout "Traitor"

Conservatives Confront Bush Aides: Anger Over Nomination of Miers Boils Over During Private Meetings
The conservative uprising against President Bush escalated yesterday as Republican activists angry over his nomination of White House counsel Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court confronted the president's envoys during a pair of tense closed-door meetings.

A day after Bush publicly beseeched skeptical supporters to trust his judgment on Miers, a succession of prominent conservative leaders told his representatives that they did not. Over the course of several hours of sometimes testy exchanges, the dissenters complained that Miers was an unknown quantity with a thin résumé and that her selection -- Bush called her "the best person I could find" -- was a betrayal of years of struggle to move the court to the right.