Defending the family

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Public Advocate is in the fight to save Ohio's own Protect Children's Innocence Act.

We have delivered nearly 20,000 petitions to ten select state senators urging them to override the governor's veto.

Senator Shane Wilkin (17th District) has already replied to us, saying in part:

Mr. Delgaudio, I am deeply disappointed by the Governor's decision to veto HB 68 and I stand ready to override the veto. Should you need anything else in the future, do not hesitate to reach out to our office.

I've also authorized a full social media press on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

This bill is a direct rejection of Biden's tyrannical Transgender Agenda for America's children.

It's absolutely vital that Public Advocate makes sure the Ohio State Senate votes to override the governor's veto.

President Trump himself has insisted on this action.

The Ohio Senate is expected to convene this Wednesday, January 24.

Our 20,000 signed petitions have had a great impact.

We have mobilized 10,000 conservatives in Ohio our email and online social media.

Our social media efforts are effectively exposing the governor's veto and why it must be overridden.


As 2023 came to a close, Ohioans were betrayed by their own Governor DeWine - but conservatives in the legislature are striking back!

Ohio House Bill 68 is titled the "Saving Adolescents from Experimentation" Act - or SAFE ACT.

It is the direct application of our nation-wide call to Protect Children's Innocence.

The first part of the bill would ban all medical experimentation and mutilation of children in the name of "gender affirmation."

This includes genital mutilation and amputation, puberty blockers and so-called hormone therapy.

Chloe Cole - whom I interviewed last summer - played a major public role in supporting this aspect of this bill.

She and other supporters used Public Advocate talking points - like pointing out that "minors are incapable of providing the informed consent" required for procedure with such permanent and dire life-long consequences.

The other part of this bill is known as the Save Women's Sports Act and would ban so-called "trans-male" athletes from competing as a female.

And I don't have to tell you that Public Advocate has been aggressively fighting to close the "Trans Sports Loophole" from the very beginning.

Yet despite all the children this bill would save, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine chose to veto the SAFE Act (HB 68) right before New Years Eve.

But he wasn't done yet.

In order to cover up his treachery, Governor DeWine signed an executive order just a week later that appeared to do much the same that the vetoed bill would have done.

So why the executive order but not the bill?

The EO only bans the use of "transgender" surgeries on minors - leaving puberty blockers and hormone abuse legal.

And it ignores the threat to girls' sports entirely.

There are two very serious issues with the governor's supposed "fix" to the problem.

One, executive orders lack staying power - the next governor can just erase it with a signature.

But ever worse, this EO will accomplish very little.

By far, the majority of medical treatments minors are receiving to "affirm" their false genders are puberty blockers and hormone therapy.

And despite claims by the mainstream media, neither of these processes are harmless, safe or reversible.

Doing either for even a limited time can cause serious, life altering issues in children!

This executive order is a slap in the face.

It is inexcusable for Governor DeWine to leave children in his state vulnerable to these "treatments."

And President Trump agreed, posting on social media the next day:

"I'm finished with this 'stiff.' What was he thinking. The bill would have stopped child mutilation, and prevented men from playing in women's sports. Legislature will hopefully overturn."

And that's just what the Ohio Legislature is doing.

Just days ago, the Ohio House of Representatives voted to override the governor's veto!

The State Senate is expected to take up the issue near the end of the month.

And I want Public Advocate to do everything we can to make sure that the Senate votes to override as well.

I'm putting together a plan of action now - it will be primarily on social media.........

We have to make sure that the conservatives in the Ohio State Senate step up and vote the right way.............

Here is our map of the states currently protecting children from the Homosexual Lobby's butchers.