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Jeffrey Epstein List of Associates, Victims and Clients

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate said "The Jeffrey Epstein list of associates, clients, victims has been released by court order. Public Advocate agrees with conservative commentators that Donald Trump never went to Epstein Island and does not consider Trump to be a client.

Jack Poso on X (formerly Twitter) states: "EPSTEIN DOCS EXONERATE TRUMP YET AGAIN"


Clients accused of being clients will be condemned just for being accused. Publishing and making aware of these allegations does serve the public.

Others like Bill Clinton and lawyer Alan Dershowitz associated for self interest and legal reasons more deeply. Clinton actually went to Epstein Island and Epstein was the founder of the Clinton Foundation. Dershowitz has admited defending low lifes and criminals as a lawyer who profoundly believes in criminal rights. Let's be blunt if you socially associated with Epstein at one time there is no immorality issue. If you had millions of dollars raised for your foundation and you visited Epstein Island like Bill Clinton, Public Advocate has issues. If you have made a career of representing Epstein as a lawyer, Public Advocate will mark you down as disgusing Epstein's lawyer but certainly not as a client, " says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.


Dozens of names related to a civil lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell were made public Wednesday in court documents that had previously been redacted.

The big picture: The unsealed records are part of a civil suit against Maxwell, who was sentenced to prison for helping Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse teenage girls.

Of note: Being named in the court records does not equate to being accused of wrongdoing.


Nearly 90 names were included in the documents, with four redacted

  1. Ghislaine Maxwell
  2. Virginia Lee Roberts Giuffre
  3. Kathy Alexander
  4. Miles Alexander
  5. James Michael Austrich
  6. Philip Barden
  8. Cate Blanchett
  9. David Boies
  10. Laura Boothe
  11. Evelyn Boulet
  12. Rebecca Boylan
  13. Joshua Bunner
  14. Naomi Campbell
  15. Carolyn Casey
  16. Paul Cassell
  17. Sharon Churcher
  18. Bill Clinton
  19. David Copperfield
  20. Alexandra Cousteau
  21. Cameron Diaz
  22. Leonardo DiCaprio
  23. Alan Dershowitz
  24. Dr. Mona Devanesan
  26. Bradley Edwards
  27. Amanda Ellison
  28. Cimberly Espinosa
  29. Jeffrey Epstein
  30. Annie Farmer
  31. Marie Farmer
  32. Alexandra Fekkai
  33. Crystal Figueroa
  34. Anthony Figueroa
  35. Louis Freeh
  36. Eric Gany
  37. Meg Garvin
  38. Sheridan Gibson-Butte
  39. Robert Giuffre
  40. Al Gore
  41. Ross Gow
  42. Fred Graff
  43. Philip Guderyon
  45. Shannon Harrison
  46. Stephen Hawking
  47. Victoria Hazel
  48. Brittany Henderson
  49. Brett Jaffe
  50. Michael Jackson
  51. Carol Roberts Kess
  52. Dr. Karen Kutikoff
  53. Peter Listerman
  54. George Lucas
  55. Tony Lyons
  56. Bob Meister
  57. Jamie A. Melanson
  58. Lynn Miller
  59. Marvin Minsky
  61. David Mullen
  62. Joe Pagano
  63. Mary Paluga
  64. J. Stanley Pottinger
  65. Joseph Recarey
  66. Michael Reiter
  67. Jason Richards
  68. Bill Richardson
  69. Sky Roberts
  70. Scott Rothstein
  71. Forest Sawyer
  72. Doug Schoetlle
  73. Kevin Spacey
  74. Cecilia Stein
  75. Mark Tafoya
  76. Brent Tindall
  77. Kevin Thompson
  78. Ed Tuttle
  79. Emma Vaghan
  80. Kimberly Vaughan-Edwards
  81. Cresenda Valdes
  82. Anthony Valladares
  83. Maritza Vazquez
  84. Vicky Ward
  85. Jarred Weisfeld
  86. Courtney Wild
  87. Bruce Willis
  88. Daniel Wilson
  89. Andrew Albert Christian Edwards, Duke of York

CBS NEWS reports:

Court documents list 184 "J. Does," starting at J. Doe #3 through J. Doe #187. Some names are repeated twice. A small number are the names of minors or sexual assault victims, which the judge specified won't be released. ..................

Epstein had pleaded not guilty to charges brought in 2019 by federal prosecutors in New York of sex trafficking conspiracy and one count of sex trafficking with underage girls. His death in prison before facing trial was ruled a suicide.

Epstein had cut a deal with federal prosecutors in Florida in 2008, reaching a non-prosecution agreement on allegations he sexually abused underage girls, in return for pleading guilty to lesser state charges and serving 13 months in jail, much of the time on work release. He also had to pay settlements to victims and register as a sex offender.

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DAILY MAIL reports:

The A-list stars, politicians and leading figures named in the Jeffrey Epstein files: Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Naomi Campbell and Leonardo DiCaprio are among famous faces in bombshell 1,000-page document