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Frozen Rino Mitch McConnell Attempts to Not Suck in 2024

"Mitch McConnell is the biggest RINO loser when he is being humble. Its the lowest expectations possible and he still comes across overconfident based on his years of losing," says Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate.

The Wall Street Journal is jumping up and down again with enthusiasm:

Democrats' hopes of keeping their 51-49 Senate majority took a hit last month when centrist Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin decided not to run for re-election in West Virginia, a state that Trump won by almost 39 percentage points in 2020. Trump has endorsed Republican Gov. Jim Justice in West Virginia's Republican primary. Justice is dominating polling against Republican Rep. Alex Mooney. The winner of the GOP primary is expected to cruise to victory in the November general election.

With West Virginia seen as off the table, the battle for the Senate is centered on Montana, where Democratic Sen. Jon Tester is running for a fourth term, and Ohio, where Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown is defending the seat he has held since 2007. Trump won Montana by 16 percentage points and Ohio by 8 percentage points in 2020.

Those races might not even matter. If Republicans successfully defend all their current seats and win Manchin's seat in West Virginia, as expected, and if the party's nominee also wins the White House, Republicans will control the Senate in 2024, thanks to the new vice president's tiebreaking vote, without picking up any other seats.

Earlier, CNN REPORTS Mitch McConnell himself is gleeful with the prospects of being majority leader (not likely)

CNN reports:

Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell should be brimming with confidence.

Republicans are in the driver's seat to take the Senate majority: with 23 seats held by Democrats, compared to just 11 for Republicans. There are likely just two GOP incumbents whose seats Democrats may try to flip - and both are in Republican terrain - while three Democrats hail from states that former President Donald Trump easily won in 2020.

The Kentucky Republican just scored a prized recruit in West Virginia and expects two other top candidates to jump into races in Montana and Pennsylvania. And after tangling last cycle with Florida Sen. Rick Scott, his last chairman of the Senate GOP's campaign arm, he is now in line over strategy and tactics with the committee's new chairman, Montana Sen. Steve Daines.

VIDEO: McConnell on 2024 Senate map: 'We do have the possibility of screwing this up'