Defending the family

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Maga Claus in Iowa Cheers Thousands

"Great work by Public Advocate staff to promote Christmas and a pro-family message to the national media in a critical caucus state that is deciding the next President," says Eugene Delgaudio.

"I asked Santa Claus to visit Iowa as "MAGA CLAUS" to back Trump and appeal to Traditional Christians, on the issue of two genders, man and woman, " said Delgaudio.

In a national letter to supporters, Delgaudio wrote:

"Public Advocate was in Iowa to oppose the Homosexual Lobby and the Satanic Church.

He was promoting two important messages for the Iowa Caucuses and the presidential election:

There are Only Two Genders: Male and Female and Make the Family Great Again.

He put up signs around the convention area for two days and promoted our message to the people attending.

As you can see from the pictures below, our "MAGA Claus" was a huge hit with folks!"