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Colorado Communist Tribunal Starts One Party Rule in America

"The communist style tribunal removing Donald Trump from the ballot in Colorado ushers in one party rule in America and they, the judges, should be removed by Congress on federal crimes," says Eugene Delgaudio,president of Public Advocate.

Prof. Clifford Theis writes me:

The U.S. Constitution provides that people will not be deprived of life, liberty or property except with due process. Donald Trump has not been found guilty of insurrection by any court or other tribunal. He was in fact tried by the U.S. Senate for "incitement of insurrection" in 2021, and was acquitted.
Now comes the state supreme court of Colorado, upholding a decision by a district court of that state to bar Trump's name from being on the ballot in that state on the basis that Trump committed insurrection. Although the Colorado district court made a determination that Trump committed insurrection, it did not convict him of insurrection, as that was not in its jurisdiction.
In making its decision, the state supreme court of Colorado ruled that the insurrection clause of the 14th Amendment is "self-executing," meaning anybody, anywhere, anytime can bar another person from the ballot by providing sufficient evidence that that person committed insurrection.
The main argument made by Trump's defense in his Senate trial was that politicians routinely invoke words such as "we should fight for what we believe." I daresay many people whose names are on the ballot have said such things. Trump's defense was that such words are political speech. Now, on the basis of this Colorado state supreme court decision, lots of names can be challenged. WIll future elections feature only Democratic candidates in their states and Republican candidates in our states?
Of the approximately 600 people convicted for various crimes and misdemeanors in association with the January 6th protest turned riot, only four of them, ringleaders of the Proud Boys, were convicted of insurrection, vis., conspiracy to overthrow the government.
(These and, I believe, two other members of the Proud Boys were convicted of other charges such as conspiracy to disrupt official proceedings of the government.)
Specific acts included "dismantling of metal barricades, destruction of property, breaching of the Capitol building, and assaults on law enforcement."
Excuse me, but the specific acts mentioned do not accord with an attempt to overthrow the government. Robert E. Lee leading an army of 30,000 men sounds like an attempt to overthrow the government. The specific acts of January 6th accord with a riot. The conspiracy to overthrow the government was something exclusive to the ringleaders of the Proud Boys, and evidenced by their communications with each other.
The analogy would be this: were there members of the SDS involved in anti-draft riots during the 1960s? Then, others associated with those riots were guilty of insurrection.
Was antifa involved in more recent riots, or Black Lives Matter, then others associated with those riots were guilty of insurrection.
But, guilt by association does not accord with the rule of law, " says CLIFFORD F. THIES Eldon R. Lindsey Chair of Free Enterprise Professor of Economics and Finance Shenandoah University.