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Trump's unique communication style HAS liberated Americans from leftist talking points

American Thinker reports:

Many of the Trump-era speeches have invested an inordinate amount of time on untangling the ceaseless mind-controlling rhetoric spun by the Democrat-affiliated media.

A review of the false leftwing narratives that were freely published over and over again and patiently and repeatedly debunked by the Trump administration include:

  1. The debunked "Russian collusion" claims that were fairly quickly found to be "complete garbage" coming from top intelligence officials. These claims dogged Trump for three insufferable years, forcing Trump to declare "no collusion" to reporters thousands of times. .................

..............No topic was off limits and Trump's views were unfiltered, uncensored, and even avidly rehashed in political news and on social media during the Trump era.

A staunch believer in the First Amendment, President Trump preferred to spend lengthy sessions chatting with reporters and his audience to repeatedly expose 'fake news' or clarify unfiltered leftwing accusations, instead of ever issuing any directive to censor them.


in 2023, the United States District Court Judge Terry Doughty confirmed that government agencies, such as the FBI operated with Big Tech (Twitter and Facebook) to manipulate perceptions during of the 2020 election anomalies.

Even better, the landmark free-speech case: Missouri v. Biden Supreme Court, validated that the Biden White House censored opposition to leftist narrative, which included news suppression of the origins of COVID-19, vaccine side effects, false mask-efficacy, details about the war in Ukraine, and 2020 election ballot schemes.

Unsurprisingly suppressed in leftwing echo chambers was the July 4, 2023 ruling by Justice Doughty who "blocked contact between Biden administration officials and social media companies, ruling that the two were working together to censor speech."

This was palpable evidence of annihilated democracy. Therefore, the question is, why would Democrats even think of inviting in another Biden administration? More significantly, just what is President Trump's communication style that liberates America from the stress of unprecedented control-freaks? Certainly, it is not like Obama-ish canned rhetoric because the crowd inevitably begs to hear their favorite story.

When this happens, Trump, like a patient dad, caves in, and takes out a worn paper from inside the breast pocket of his suit jacket. He starts to read "The Snake." It is now a favorite MAGA-family tradition, this poem, a silent promise made together as a pro-God, pro-Constitution community to always cherish and protect freedom but to also experience a shared understanding about why their fellowman is historically duped by socialism.

Trump's communication style is liberating indeed........................

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The Snake: Donald Trump Tells it Like it Isn't | The Contrary Perspective