Defending the family

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Fired teacher files $10 million federal lawsuit against Ludlow, MA school

Mass Resistance reports:

Bonnie Manchester is a Christian middle school teacher who was fired from her job in 2021. Her "crime" was informing a father and mother that school officials were referring to their daughter as a boy and keeping it secret from them.

Bonnie has now filed a $10 million lawsuit in federal court against the town of Ludlow, Mass., the Ludlow School Committee, and current or former school employees who were part of the effort to fire her. The employee defendant list includes the current and former superintendents, the former Baird Middle School principal, a former school counselor, and the former (transgender) middle school librarian.

Much of this complicated story was exposed by MassResistance at the time it happened. We published a 13-part series that brought the entire Baird Middle School horror to national attention, including the secretive counseling, Bonnie's firing for exposing it, and the school staff's grooming of children with sexually explicit books.

Bonnie's lawsuit was filed last month by experienced and aggressive local attorneys. Attorney Frank L. McNamara, Jr. was the United States Attorney for the Massachusetts District under the Reagan Administration. Ryan P. McLane specializes in civil rights and constitutional law. The lawsuit reveals even more shocking information than was previously known publicly.

Photo Credit Mass Resistance