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Leftist ACLU Objects to Public Advocate Defense of Innocent Children in Trans Ban

"Public Advocate has been targeted for murder by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for years. The SPLC uses reputational terrorism to urge attacks on Public Advocate daily," says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

"Now the ACLU seems to throw in with the mass market trans child butchers against Public Advocate and openly objects to Public Advocate legal arguments in court forcing trans surgery on children.

Public Advocate is defending an Arkansas law to restrict trans surgeries.

The ACLU claims in their objections that only doctors, not parents, can properly have "informed authority" to object to necessary buchering of innocent children," says Delgaudio.


Today, the ACLU lawyers supporting of childhood transgender surgery filed their Appellee's brief (links below), and they twice took note of your amicus brief (BELOW LINK ).

Page 8, note 3 -- Like other medical organizations, WPATH and the Endocrine Society also advocate for their patient populations. App. 240-41; R. Doc.
283, at 9-10. Although Defendants' amici contend that medical organizations support gender-affirming medical care because of political
ideology or profit motives, see States' Br. 22-25; Public Advocate of the United States Br. 15-24; Family Research Council Br. 2-5, the court
found that "there was no evidence supporting such a conspiratorial assessment." App. 300; R. Doc. 283, at 69

Page 49-50, note 19. Defendants' amici suggest the risk of regret is high because youth are seeking gender-affirming medical care due to social influence. Public Advocate Br. 9. Their claims find no support in the record. On the contrary, if youth were to seek treatment based on social influence, they would not be considered for medical interventions absent long-standing gender dysphoria. App. 239; R. Doc. 283, at 8