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Joe Biden to Criminalize Misgendering Killers, Rapists and Karens in America Now

President Joe Biden is proposing new federal discimination regulations that will criminalize and punish Christians and other traditional religious believers with significant fines for expressing their beliefs in the workplace or any public facility throughout the country, " says Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate.

"In the case of Scott Smith who was arrested for protesting the rape of his daughter or with anyone objecting to the mass murder of Christian victims by transgender serial killers like Audrey Hale, this new regulation would land you in federal court if you object to or misgender the attacker or attackers of Christians, " says Delgaudio

Hon. Bob Marshall, Catholic Culture reports:

The Biden Administration plans to abolish any legal, social, or political remnant of traditional Christian values regarding marriage, protecting the lives of children before birth, lifesaving treatment of newborn infants, and sexual morality. One anti-Christian proposed regulation contained in a 144 page document published by Biden's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) seeks to punish certain workplace speech that would normally be protected by the First Amendment.

Attorneys for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops wrote to the EEOC (10/27/2023) regarding Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. The Bishops' attorneys rejected the notion that the EEOC has the authority to penalize the exercise of the First Amendment's Freedom of Speech and to redefine as "sexual harassment" speech in opposition to abortion, birth control or gender identity. USCCB attorneys specifically pointed out that:

It is inconceivable that our nation's highest court, having just recently held that the Constitution does not enshrine a right to an abortion, would now interpret Title VII to forbid& workplace speech on this subject. &opposing artificial contraception&is not based on sex and&does not constitute sexual harassment under Title VII. &[T]o&forbid workplace speech opposing contraceptives would raise&constitutional issues&.

Concerning the EEOC's proposal affecting gender identity and sexual orientation speech, the USCCB's attorneys disputed that:

[U]ttering critical speech on the issue of gender identity or sexual orientation may constitute sexual harassment.& [T]he proposed guidance reads Title VII to require that at least some men be allowed in private areas reserved to women, and that at least some women be allowed in private areas reserved for men, to include locker rooms and restrooms.

So, the Biden Administration thinks sexual harassment can be stopped by mandating that men and women be given a contrived "right" to use lockers or restrooms of the opposite sex!

Furthermore, if you think "workplace" is limited to conversations at the water cooler or coffee breaks, think again. It would be difficult to find situations not affected by EEOC's proposed "sexual harassment" language which follows.......

EEOC's "workplace" includes home offices, or emails from your spouse or a friend to your work computer. A woman suffering from an abortion could file a "sexual harassment" claim against a fellow employee who tries to offer her Christian based counseling. Making critical social media comments to a colleague about school teachers or counselors who lie to parents as they allegedly "help" teens alter their "gender" without parental permission could produce a pink slip terminating a job. The proposed EEOC "guidance" also requires that preferred pronouns be used to address individuals who identify as "transgendered," or sanctions will be imposed. The "rights" of the "trans victim" are paramount and controlling in all spoken and written discourse or even images.

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