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Leftist Media Endorse Violence and Rape of Children in attack on Young Female Leaders


Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, said in response to USA Today calling Chaya Raichik, the creator of Libs of Tik Tok, a terrorist threat: "USA TODAY and others like the Daily Beast practice reputational terrorism on conservative women like Chaya Raichik and Riley Gaines because they are cowardly backstabbing child rapist promoting monsters."

In a national message and call to arms today, Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate said:

"Libs of Tik Tok" is a twitter account run by one brave woman, who has dedicated her time to re-sharing the very things that radical Leftists and Homosexuals actually brag about - typically on the social platform TikTok.

The creator of Libs of Tik Tok is Chaya Raichik, and she has become a critical source in finding and exposing the Homosexual Lobby's agenda for our nation's children.

Yet a massive, coordinated attack by leftist media sources - including USA Today - has just labeled Ms. Raichik a TERRORIST.

They claim she is "violent and dangerous" for opposing "transgender" medical mutilations for children.

Defend children -- they call terrorism.

Ms. Raichik replied back in a fiery video, she finds the mutilation of children to be "violent and dangerous."

And I couldn't agree more with her!

Meanwhile, a major website used to organize public events has deplatformed our own Riley Gaines, but allowed pro-Hamas pages to stay up!

Apparently isn't too concerned with real terrorism either.

Riley Gaines is of course the brave NCAA collegiate swimmer who has rejected the "trans-sports" agenda.

Ms. Gaines has actually been held hostage for ransom by the radical Woke mob - yet Big Tech, the Mainstream Media and the Homosexual Lobby all want her silenced.

And it turns out, that much of this censorship is actually coming directly from Biden's administration.

New Speaker of the House Mike Johnson has exposed the corruption of Joe Biden and the FBI.

This is a direct quote from Speaker Johnson:

"A federal court has just affirmed all the hard evidence that proves that the White House, the Department of Justice, and the FBI among other agencies threatened and coerced the social media platforms to censor and suppress disfavored viewpoints and conservatives' social media posts online."

Public Advocate was one of the major conservative organizations that were censored by multiple social media platforms as we tried to expose the corruption of the Biden Crime Family.

And we have faced countless "shadow bans" and discrimination from the Big Tech Cartel based on their personal bias against our conservative, pro-Family message.

Public Advocate is currently involved in a critical legal battle to expose this criminal behavior, Missouri v. Biden.

This case is a fight to preserve free speech on the internet for conservatives and pro-Family Americans.

You can see my video briefing on the case Missouri v. Biden by clicking here.

Click here to read the actual legal Brief filed in this case.