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Violent Transgender Network Hacks Police and Agency Files in Six States

The leftist Guardian reports:

A group of self-described anti-US government "gay furries" have distributed hacked materials from agencies in six US states in recent days, citing legislative attacks on gender-affirming care as their motive.

The data released by the group, which calls itself SiegedSec, includes South Carolina police files, a list of licensed therapists in Texas and contact details for court officials in Nebraska. The Guardian's review of that data has substantiated the group's claims that the materials sourced from state and local agencies are genuine.

A post to SiegedSec's Telegram channel on Tuesday night announced that "MOAR DAMAGE MUST BE DONE!" and "Our next attack on the U.S government has arrived!" Furries are a subculture united by passion for anthropomorphism.

In another recent post announcing a distribution of data breached from a system used by the city government of Fort Worth in Texas, SiegedSec said its motive was "to make a message towards the US government", adding: "Texas happens to be one of the largest states banning gender-affirming care, and for that, we have made Texas our target."