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Atlanta District Attorney Adds to Clown Show of Fake Criminal Indictments of Trump

Just the News Reports:

Attorneys representing former President Donald Trump on Friday excoriated the Fulton County District Attorney's office for posting charges against him before the grand jury proceedings had finished, contending that the incident suggested the case was mired in constitutional errors.

A county website on Monday briefly posted apparently criminal charges against the former president, including ones on state racketeering, conspiracy to commit false statements and solicitation of violation of oath by a public officer. They were quickly removed from the site, but not before numerous outlets highlighted the evidently inaccurate posting.

The Trump legal team fumed over the posting, saying "[t]he Fulton County District Attorney's Office has once again shown that they have no respect for the integrity of the grand jury process," stated attorneys Drew Findling and Jennifer Little.

"This was not a simple administrative mistake. A proposed indictment should only be in the hands of the District Attorney's Office, yet it somehow made its way to the clerk's office and was assigned a case number and a judge before the grand jury even deliberated," they continued. "This is emblematic of the pervasive and glaring constitutional violations which have plagued this case from its very inception."