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Victory! Wyoming Library Bans Porn

Mass Resistance Reports:

At the Campbell County Public Library system in Wyoming, the Library Director and staff are leftists. But the obscene, pornographic books for children and teenagers they had placed in the library are now on their way out!

The new conservative Library Board of Campbell County has now implemented a revised "Collection Development Policy" that has strong teeth to force the obscenity and pornography out - and keep it out. (Last October, right after taking office, the new Library Board cut the library's ties with the pro-LGBT American Library Association (ALA).)

Liberty Counsel is, in the opinion of many, the premier pro-family legal group in America. They have won numerous cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. MassResistance has worked with Liberty Counsel on several issues over the years.

MassResistance connected Liberty Counsel with the Campbell County Library Board. Liberty Counsel did an outstanding job crafting the necessary changes to their current policy. As a result the new Collections Development Policy is extremely robust and will withstand any legal challenge from the Left.

Here are some of the features of the revised document:

  • It includes a "Policy for Protecting Children from Harmful, Sexually Explicit Material" that is detailed and unambiguous.
  • It specifically describes how libraries legally "have wide discretion to exclude pornography and other sexually explicit material of prurient value from their collections."
  • It stipulates that as part of the "Weeding/Retention" process, books which conflict with the Policy for Protection of Children shall be immediately removed.