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Public Advocate Exposes Virginia Public Library Obscene Porn Practices

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, brought attention to the obscene pornography directed at children by a Virginia public library in Front Royal, Virginia in a national message to his supporters.

Delgaudio said in part:

The Homosexual Lobby and their allies have weaponized libraries against our kids.

Scores of explicitly pornographic books targeted to children are now available in practically every library in the country.

And "woke" librarians are using all their skills to highlight and promote these books -- especially without parents realizing what their kids are reading.

This is not a question of taste or preference.

Books discussing pedophile sexual behavior, genitals or how to secretly send sexual text messages DO NOT BELONG IN THE HANDS OF CHILDREN.

It's really that simple.

And the fact that the Homosexual Lobby and the Radical Left are fighting us so hard on this just proves how dangerous these books really are.

They are a potent, devious weapon aimed right at our children.

For years, Public Advocate has led the nation-wide fight to get pornographic children's books out of school and public libraries.

These books are designed to appeal to children, while brainwashing them into radical homosexual propaganda.

Using our proven grassroots techniques, Public Advocate supporters have struck back across the country - getting copies of the worst books off of shelves.

Many parents are using the "Bad Book List" tool that Public Advocate compiled and has made available across the country.


Now hundreds of libraries have removed books from the shelves that Public Advocate identified as seriously problematic.

Just this week, Public Advocate volunteers joined a local community in Front Royal, Virginia in the fight to get three of these books out of the tax-funded library...." Delgaudio said.


VIDEO: Public Advocate Exposes Public Library Obscene Porn Distribution