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TRANS MASS HYSTERIA IS A GIANT FRAUD, 3 people have Body Integrity Dysphoria

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate says "The fraud transgender movement is never questioned about the medical reality of this mental disorder. Studies showing that there were three cases a year worldwide just a few years ago proves the non-existence of any medical basis for this disorder in thousands today."

American Thinker exposes fraud of Trans "movement":

The other day I came across a piece of information that puts the entire transgender craze into about as much perspective as it is ever going to require.

This is actually something I knew from years ago, but that I'd let slip thanks to a conviction that, obvious as it was, it certainly must have arisen in the debate already.

Well, it turns out that it never has, and that the transgender debate has been careening across the public square in a completely fact-free manner. Which, in light of previous debates concerning COVID, "global warming," and radical feminism, fails to surprise me.

Gender dysphoria, which is the medical syndrome upon which the transgender movement is based, is actually one of a cluster of similar disorders. Among these is Body Integrity Dysphoria:

"Body integrity dysphoria is a psychiatric condition characterized by a persistent desire to acquire physical disability (e.g., amputation, paraplegia). Body integrity dysphoria is also termed as body integrity identity disorder, amputee identity disorder, and xenomelia..........."

........Research has discovered that BID patients suffer from brain damage in the right hemisphere, along with abnormalities in the white matter of the brain. So the disorder is no myth. Serious treatment involves antidepressants to reduce anxiety and stress. Little can be done to rid the patient of the amputation fixation.............

Clearly, Body Integrity Dysphoria is essentially identical to Gender Dysphoria, the only difference being the body element(s) acting as the focus.

So how many victims of Body Integrity Dysphoria are there? The answer is straightforward: two hundred. That's not two hundred in the U.S., or two hundred worldwide, or even two hundred in the 21st century. It's two hundred total, in the entire medical record since the disorder was first noted in 1977. That's about 3.6 per year. Clearly, BID is not only "extremely" rare, it's vanishingly rare - one of the rarest mental disorders on record.

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