Defending the family

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In an Independence Day message sent Sunday July 2 to supporters nationwide, Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate wrote the following:

It's amazing today how few people actually understand the First Amendment - or even know what it really says.

Right now, the Mainstream Media are talking about a critical Supreme Court case that Public Advocate was deeply involved in.

The media are describing it as a Free Speech issue under the First Amendment - while claiming it's not a religious liberty issue.

If you ask most Liberals - and even a lot of conservatives - what the First Amendment protects, they'd answer "the right to free speech."

But that's not really correct.

What it actually says:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The first line says it all.

The First Amendment is primarily a protection of Religious Liberty.

It does not establish the right to use swear words, or scream fire in a movie theater.

It protects the right to exercise one's sincerely held religious beliefs and to speak publicly in a manner consistent with those beliefs.

And since such important speech is free, it also cannot ever be compelled.

We have the right to not say things.

In fact, no behavior at all can be compelled that goes against one's sincerely held religious beliefs.

The Supreme Court has just ruled in favor in the case of 303 Creative vs. Elenis.

303 Creative is a website building company based in Colorado.

The owner wished to start designing wedding websites, but her Christian beliefs would have prevented her from designing any website to celebrate a homosexual "wedding."

She was justifiably concerned that once she opened this door, she would be targeted by Colorado's "anti-discrimination" law.

This is the same law that has time and again persecuted Jack Phillips, the Colorado Cake Baker.

Colorado has already proven the threat is real.

Any wedding industry company that turns down a "homosexual wedding" is going to be targeted with ruinous fines and worse.

So the owner, Lorie Smith, decided to strike first, arguing that the law was a direct threat to her protected First Amendment Rights.

Public Advocate fully supported her in this suit and filed an Amicus Brief - or Friend of the Court Brief - giving our expert opinion in support.

On the last day of their session, the Supreme Court of the U.S. 6-3 in support of 303 Creative, ruling that Colorado cannot compel her to design websites for objectionable material!

However, once again the Supreme Court refused to address the real issue here: can the Homosexual Agenda trump the religious rights of Christians?

They sidestepped the same question when they ruled in favor of Jack Phillips.

(Photo featured in message and in this post) Here's a picture of myself and Public Advocate volunteers outside the Supreme Court supporting Jack Phillips, as reported on the Washington Post and hundreds of other news sites, " Delgaudio said to supporters.

Delgaudio continued "The court refused to declare that the First Amendment should give Christians the right to opt-out of any activity they find objectionable - even if it upsets some homosexuals in the process.

Once again, the court has given us a victory - ruling in support of Christian liberty and against homosexual privilege.

But it's a qualified victory.

Americans are still desperately looking for a solid defense of their rights to exercise Christian beliefs and reject the radical Homosexual Agenda.

Anyone working in the wedding industry should have the full and unfettered right to reject a homosexual "wedding."

And that is what Public Advocate is still working towards, both at the Supreme Court and in Congress.

But it was certainly a very strong note to end LMNOP Month (Lifestyles of Mainstream, Normal, Ordinary People) - or so-called "Pride Month."

It is also a strong reminder of what America was founded on as we celebrate our nation's Independence Day and the Fourth of July.

The Founding Fathers did not fight so that some day Christians would be silenced by petty bureaucrats in the name of promoting perverse sexual behavior.

They fought for the liberty of Christians to be governed according to their consciences.

I hope you take some time this holiday to reflect on America's fight for Independence and the real meaning of the First Amendment.

But don't forget to celebrate as this was still a big win at the Supreme Court.

Happy Independence Day!," said Delgaudio.