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Sex Toys for Children? Boston Medical Center hands out 100s of free fake penises at Trans March

The Trans Resistance March kicked off in Boston on Saturday as trans take center stage at this year's Pride festivities across the US. As part of the march, Boston Medical handed out free "packers," and the march was less about pride and celebration and more about social justice resistance and political action.


"There's a plethora of different kinds of packers out there," said one of those manning the booth for Boston Medical, showing off the various sizes and shapes. A packer would be worn by a trans-identified female who wished to give the appearance of having a penis under her clothes. These were given out for free. Target began selling underwear for packing in 2022.

Boston Children's Hospital founded the first-ever pediatric gender clinic in the country, and offers all kinds of medical interventions for sex changes, from puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to double mastectomies for teen girls and genital reconstruction surgeries starting at 18.

"No justice, no peace," they chanted as they marched in colors representing all the new varieties of gender identity, legal observers in tow. There were some rainbows, as in years past, but a greater number of more obscure colors could be seen, from flags representing bisexual pride, nonbinary pride, gender fluid pride, and transgender pride. Rebecca Brannon was on the scene for TPUSA's Frontlines with Drew Hernandez.

PHOTO CREDIT FAKE PENIS PACKER (not actual photo as shown in video)