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Missouri House bans transgender surgery and protects women in sports

Victories: Missouri House sends 2 bills: banning transgender "health care" and protecting women in sports to governor

Missouri Independent reports:

NOTE: Rep. Brad Hudson sponsored legislation banning transgender minors from accessing certain medical procedures

In addition to barring minors from puberty blockers, hormone therapy or gender-affirming surgeries, the House also voted to prohibit transgender students from competing in school athletics according to their gender identity

The Missouri House sent legislation to the governor's desk Wednesday morning barring transgender youth from beginning gender-affirming care.

The bill passed 108-50. Only three Republicans joined every Democrat in opposition: House Majority Leader Jon Patterson, a doctor, Rep. Chris Sander, who is gay, and Rep. Gary Bonacker.

Democratic Rep. Peter Merideth of St. Louis asked Patterson, one of the legislature's only physicians, why he dissented. Patterson commended the bill but said he can "see both sides of the issue."

He said he trusted physicians and patients, but not without some hesitation.

The bill originated in the Senate, gathering compromise language after a multi-day filibuster by Democrats. The resulting legislation has a clause allowing those who have already begun treatment to continue. It also includes an expiration date on the ban on puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones of four years. The ban on gender-affirming surgeries is permanent .

A version of the legislation passed by the House earlier this year did not contain those compromises.

"Last month, we sent a bill over to the Senate that I was and am extremely proud of, with protections that go even farther than the bill I bring before you today& But because of little to no action over there, that piece of legislation will most likely die at six o'clock on Friday," said Rep. Brad Hudson, R-Cape Fair, the legislation's sponsor.

Gov. Mike Parson vowed to call a special session if the bill, and a limit on transgender athletes, did not make it to his desk by the time the legislature adjourns at 6 p.m. on Friday. Democrats rose in opposition to the bill to share stories about transgender loved ones.


House lawmakers also separately signed off on legislation requiring athletes to compete on sports teams aligned with their sex assigned at birth.

NOTE: PHOTO CREDIT FROM TWITTER. Rep. Brad Hudson sponsored legislation banning transgender minors from accessing certain medical procedures

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